Leaving Kenya

By Sumeyow Nur  |   From : Kansas City, MO  |   School : East High School

On March 17,2016 I left  Kenya. Before I left, I did many things. First, I went to say goodbye to my family, because I was  going away from them.  Second, I went  out with my friends to have lunch. Third, I went shopping  for some new clothes and other things. When I left my country, I felt very sad because I was leaving my family and my friends.  I also felt very good because I was going to America and I had a lot of expectations.

My journey to America was very hard. It took two days to get to  America. First, I flew from Kakuma to Nairobi. Next, we landed in Dubai at 4:00 pm and stayed there for about three hours. After that, we arrived in Texas airport at 3:00 pm the next day. Then, my aunt and my uncle came to pick us up from Texas airport. Finally, We arrived in Kansas City Missouri. During my journey to America, I felt scared because it was my first time to get on an airplane. Once we arrived in Kansas City, I felt very good because we finally reached our destination.

My new school in Kansas City is different than school in my country. First, we never had a school bus. Second, we never had lunch and breakfast in school. Third, there was not much diversity. However, my school is also similar to my school in  my country: we learn the same subjects, we have the same female and male teachers. I like diversity about East High School. East high school is an amazing

Today, I feel excited about moving to America. I feel excited because I have a good life. I also feel pleasant because America has a better education and better life. I am grateful I moved to America.


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