Leaving Laos

By Palisad Boungnaisiri  |   From : Laos  |   School : Spanish River High School

I came to the United States from Laos one year and two months ago. I live here with my mom, my sister and my stepfather. I’m not really like living in here. I really want to go back to my country. My life in the US is really difficult to live. I have to speak a different language, eat a different food, but that’s not a very big deal for me. Before I came here I thought everything is going to be easy, but it’s not. First day I went to school I feel so bad, I saw a lot of people around me talking in a different language. It makes me feel very nervous. Some people were very mean to me when they know I do not speak their language. But two to three months after, I have met a lot of nice people like the teachers at school. All teachers at school are very very nice to me. They are helping me with everything and that makes me feel better than before, but I’m still missing my country anyway. In my country all the students have to wear a uniform to school, even private school or public school. We start school at 8:00 AM and finish at 4:00 PM. I learn a lot from this school. I got a lot of new friends, but younger than me. They are very nice to me, and we are also helping each other. That makes me feel missing my friends sometime. In my country my friends and I also were helping each other and we could talk to each other about  everything or when someone has a problem, but I’m here and I don’t have someone to talk to even my mom or my sister they always do what they want without asking me, and I hate that. And one thing I want to say is about the kids here. As I see it, they don’t really respect older people, but in my country if you are younger or you are kids you have to be nice and respect older people even you don’t know them.

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