Life After a Disaster

By xameza  |   From : Panama City, FL, USA  |   School : Bay High School

I, Arianys came to the United States because on October 12, 2018, Hurricane Maria passed, we were 2 months and 3 weeks without electricity and without water, we did not have a car to move to buy food and much less had even water to drink. There was nothing at the Supermarkets that we needed to eat.  It lacked such things as canned foods.  Every day in the morning I went with my mother and my family to travel almost 3 hours to only receive 4 bags of ice.  Since we were without a car when we arrived at our home the ice was melting.  We did this daily until we could not do it anymore. My mother wrote a note that we were going through needs and my Father came in November and we left on January 19, 2019, to the United States.

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