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My life in Guatemala and in the US

By Domingo  |   From : Winter Springs, FL  |   School : Winter Springs HS

My Life in Guatemala
My life in Guatemala is when I wake up I grab my tools and I go to work with the people where I work.  Afterwards, I set out towards the hills to meet up with my bosses at the job site. We work and some of my  best friends also work there along with my two cousins and then we go to take a rest at 10:30 and at 12:00 we have lunch.

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Later in the afternoon, I go to my house and my mom has dinner. I come home just to have dinner and sometimes if it’s still early I would grab my rope and my machete and go collect firewood after working.


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On Tuesdays: What I would do on Tuesdays is sometimes I would go help my grandmother take care of her flowers. After, sometimes I’d go visit my grandfather and sometimes he’d be working in the fields and I’d go and help him so he could go home and rest.

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And after we’d go to his house and my two cousins would be there. Sometimes we’d just start playing with marbles and spend the afternoon together. I’d look up at the time and see it’s 4:00 pm and say goodbye. I go to my house because my mom starts getting worried if I’m not home before 10:00pm.

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Wednesdays: on Wednesdays what I’d do is I’d wake up early because Wednesday I got into work at 5:00am so that they let me out by 3:00pm. When I was in Guatemala my dream was to be a professional goalie and my dream is still alive. I would practice every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and onSaturdays I’d play with my team.

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And on Sundays me and my team were invited to play in a tournament in another village. We’d leave at 8:00 and we came back with a second place win in the championship and that’s why I keep practicing at being goalie and my dream. But I don’t know

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if that dream is going to come true yet. I have hope that one day I’ll be drafted as a national goalie. I want to be the best goalie in Guatemala’s team so that people can see that you can do anything with hard work.

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And so time went on and I started thinking about helping my family get ahead. That’s why I decided to come to the United States to get ahead and be someone in life as soon as possible. So I left my mother my sister and my grandma by themselves over there and that’s why I want to fight my case so I can go see them as soon as possible.

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My Life in the United States:
Starting halfway through the book I’m going to talk about my life in the United States. I study in school and I want to  learn English so I can communicate with people here.

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And when I got here I was scared because there was no one from where I was from. Here, there’s only people from Cuilco and that’s why I didn’t know anyone. So far I’ve found friendship with my best friend Bairon. We respect each other and  we speak to each other with respect and I like that.

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And now on Mondays I get up and I shower and later I go to the bus stop to come to school. I want to learn more English and one day I want them to give me the papers so I can be in this country legally so I don’t have to be scared.

And later on when I get home I rest on Mondays.

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And on Tuesdays I go work in the yards. I go on my bike over to where
my boss works. Me and Lorenzo go together because we work together
and we spend the afternoon working. Afterward, my boss takes us home
because sometimes we get out of work late.


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And on Saturdays we work the whole long day and that’s how I spend Saturdays. Sometimes we trim trees or palms and Lorenzo picks up the trash and my cousin goes up into the trees to trim. That’s how we spend Saturday and later they take us home.


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And when the immigration round-ups started me and a lot of other people are now living in fear that they’ll be arrested. Because of that people barely come out of their houses, not even to look at something.


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And so far on Sundays we get up early in the morning to clean the rental because we don’t like to have the inside be dirty. We want to live with clean things. And so far today I’m doing  my final tests in all my classes. I’m not sure that I’ll get good grades but I did all I could. This is  how this story ends but my story doesn’t end here, in fact my life story has a lot more to go.

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