My life after Hurricane Maria

By xrodrk1  |   From : Panama City, FL, USA  |   School : Bay High School

When I was 15 years old my mom got pregnant with my little brother. Months passed and my little brother was born and was the spoiled one of the house after a year and several months we began to see that my little brother had a little mask on his neck. It was growing and it was too noticeable because my mom had it taken to the doctor to see what it was. They gave him an appointment and we went to the appointment. From there they gave him another appointment but to operate up his neck. Finally, the week of his operation arrives when we learned that a Hurricane Maria was coming and his operation was the same day as the hurricane. The hurricane was so disastrous and obvious with my little brother nothing could be done. The hospitals was gone and all the patients were leaving them because there was no more remedy. Three weeks passed without any communication and then we were able to communicate with my uncle who lives here in Panama City, FL. When we finally managed to communicate, we needed some plane tickets quickly to be able to come so they could operate on my little brother. Well, we fixed everything that same day and my uncle had to pay the money for the tickets. The day came to leave and when we arrived here in less than a month they had already managed to operate on my little brother. In the end we decided to stay here because of what was happened in Puerto Rico. A year and a month passed when they gave news that a hurricane would come through Panama City. Two disastrous hurricanes in 1 year.

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