Life is not very good

By Yirangel  |   From : Dominican Republic  |   School : Palm Springs Middle School

When I was younger, I liked to play ball and I was a good player but one time I hurt my leg.  You have to leave the ball for a month. But after a month I had to go to the United States and I had to leave playing ball.

When I arrived here, I didn’t know anything about English. But I had friends who knew English and helped me to learn it.

Then you have to learn new things about the school. There were things at the school my country did not have like computers and music.  So I had to learn new things.

When I came to this country, it was hard for me to learn English so I didn’t try.  Muy dificil.

Life is hard but I learned in this country that all things can be done if you try.

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