Life isn’t easy

By Selah  |   From : Mexico/Belize/Florida  |   School : Plantation High School

Life isn’t easy. It is filled with obstacles, turmoil and missteps. My life is no exception. I was born Selah Simone Brown Waight on October 18th, 2002 to Mardon Brown and Simone Waight in Mexico City. After 3 years my mother and I moved to Belize. I stayed there for 7 years and had a relatively happy and normal life. My mom was working a great job. I went to a good school. I had great friends. Then one day my mother told me that we would be moving again but this time to the United States. I was devastateed. I did not want to leave. Belize was my home. My family was there, my friends and my mom’s great job. When we moved to the United States we stayed in Florida and then California and then back to Florida. I left what I considered home after 4 years in Florida after a family incident that caused all our lives to fall apart right in front of our faces. That was the summer of 2016 when my mother and I left for New York with the intention of living there for as long as we could. My life fell apart. I wasn’t eating, sleeping, talking or walking. I stayed in my cot like bed nearly every day for a month. My mother thought I was going to die. I thought I was going to die. I wanted to end it all. My life seemed pointless. My mother was so afraid of losing her only daughter that she found a way to come back to Florida. We came back after only a month and I stayed apart from my mother for a month. After a month she came back to Florida and managed to find a place to live. We have been in this house relatively happy for 3 years. I started High School and it has been a struggle for 3 years. I got my own room in November and have been doing ok so far. I started to get in contact with my father again. Soon I should be moving again but I can’t say anything yet. This time I’m ready and it won’t debilitate me for a whole month again. I don’t expect life to be easy. It will continue to be filled with obstacles, turmoil and missteps. My life with continue to no0t be an exception and I was born Selah Simone Brown Waight.   

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