Life Moving From My Country

By Sindy Yamileth Sales Corado  |   From : Guatemala  |   School : International High School at Largo

My name is Sindy Sales, and I am from Guatemala. My story happens in Guatemala and the United States. This happened during my childhood. The people in my story are my family and classmates. The main problem in my story is people’s actions with me changed the way I look at everything. Overall, I learn that my actions can affect people that really love me.

Back in my childhood, I used to be a really nice person. Everything was good. First, when I go to school, I get up before 7:00AM because school used to start at 7:00,so I woke up before to get ready and go walking with my siblings, and cousin. Our school was really closed to us, like 10 minutes to get there. lso our family used to live close by.  The houses are really close to each other, the farthest house, I think, was like 12 minutes walking. 

I went to school, and I studied and in between the classes they  took us out to play and to eat, but we had to buy our own food. The food used to be so good.

 I put all my effort into my class,and the teachers told my mom that they were proud of me, and that my grades were always up. My mom,siblings and me,we used to pass by buying snacks in the store after going to church, all sundays. I remember we shared a lot with family, like going to their house,playing soccer,and canicas. 

One day my mom said had to come to this country, the United States, but before that decision was made it was because the husband from my aunt killed it, and the people who killed him were threatening the whole family. Then 3 mens with balaclavas  enter our house with the intention of hurting us. They don’t do anything because of my mom, siblings and me, we won’t stop crying. So, of all that had happened and we had to come to this county for our safety. 

I feel safe here. When I went to this country, I was really happy because all the new things  that my eyes were looking at were a lot of cars and buildings. Also to see that, those moments were so good. Until I  got school, 5th grade, in my i was 4th grade, so, when I get there, at first everything was going so good, people were acting nice, but then everything  was getting worse because people use to laugh at me,because my clothes,shoes,teeth,my smile,hair, also the way I was, I don’t like to said bad words, or mess around like they do. I also don’t like to speak with no one, but I had to because I don’t know any English. I didn’t even know how to say “hola” in english. Their comments were like ”where are your shoes from? It looked like shoes from a dollar tree”. At that time  I didn’t even know what a dollar tree was, and I stayed quiet.

Also one time they made me say bad words to the teacher because teachers always take attendance to see who ate  breakfast and she called my name. I didn’t know what, so they told me to say the bad word to her, she got mad, but another girl that was nice translated that it was not my fault. They like to tell me bad words or laugh at me, because they know that I won’t say anything back to them. But with all that happened, I don’t like to said nothing to teachers, because they wont help  me,because that what they tell me,” If you snitch we won’t help you translate or help you with your work”

With all that happened to me I got home, I studied English, and at school they gave us like 15 minutes to  read a book outside the hallways. While we were waiting for the bus, I remembered signs and I asked the teachers to help, because I want to learn. She helped me alot. Also other teachers used to like me, because I always try to be the best version of myself. 

Then I went to middle school. In 6th grade I was still the same as 5th grade, but also other people from that school were so similar with the 5th grade. So, I turned myself so different, I was a really mean person and I prefered to hurt people’s feelings instead of them hurting me. If people told me something trying to hurt me, I would answer with more than one mean thing to them. I didn’t care anything about my grades and alway D’s and E’s and didn’t care about it.  I was just messing around, 7th to 8th grade. 

I was hurting my parents feelings. I was like that. Until COVID-19 came and we had to go online. In the last Quarter my grades were so good, and we started to go more to church. I  had my first communion on 5/22/21 and I was so happy about it. Then I changed the way I was in middle school because I understand everything. 

Now that I’m in 9th grade, I’m happy to be here. We have ups and downs, but I still keep going. I  did not get an E’s this year, I’m proud of myself. I’m trying to be the best version of myself, and work on it every day. Finally, I’m doing much better thanks to God.

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