Life Is Not Over Yet

By Josselyn  |   From : Pacoima, CA Proud Mexican Daughter  |   School : Social Justice Humanitas Academy

 It all started around the beginning of 2018 it was the start of a New Year and everything was going so well until around the month of April when my mom, dad and I went out on a Saturday, which was our usual routine. We entered the store, my mom dad and I always go our separate ways to go see what we want to see. But something that day was different from our usual Saturdays because my dad came up to me and the expression I saw in his face was worried and angry, and so I asked myself what’s wrong with him and that’s when he asked me “¿Y tu mama?” and I responded with “ Yo no se” wondering why he asked me that but he left before I could ask or say anything, I stood there confused. A few minutes later my mom calls me on my phone telling me we are leaving and so I leave the store and head to our car, I saw that my mom and dad were already inside waiting for me. I examined the expressions on their face before I got inside and I saw that my dad was still angry and my mom sad. I got inside and it was dead silent and so I wasn’t about to ask questions even though I wanted to. But just in a few minutes after I got in they started to argue and that’s when I became aware of what was happening my dad was insecure and jealous and somehow thought my mom was cheating on him and so that why when he came up to me asking me where my mom was he wasn’t worried about her, he didn’t trust her.  The whole ride consisted of arguments between my mom and dad while I was in the back crying silently scarred that they would separate. I guess my mom was also tired of all the false accusations that she began to cry and told my dad who told him such dumb lie and he said someone from his workplace, my mom didn’t even know the guy. But my dad didn’t care if she knew or didn’t know the guy he just kept saying random names of guys my dad thought he was being cheated on with. My dad felt as if he had full control of her. My mom at this point was done with him, so her reaction to shut his mouth was to slap/ scratch him in on the face. Which was the beginning of a series of events that were going to be life changing and impact us as a family in a variety of way, which we weren’t prepared for? After this happened my dad left us at home quite the whole ride he didn’t tell us where he was going but he left. A few days later we found out where he had gone that day, he had gone to the police station to file a report against my mom saying that she had “abused” him. My mom and I were in shocked because we had never heard about a case where a man had gone complain about a woman who hurt him. So at first, we didn’t really take the report serious until a few weeks later a social worker came to my school and pulled me out of class to talk to me about that situation that had happened with my mom and dad. The social worker wanted me to explain everything to her in details which I didn’t do because I didn’t even know the women and in my mind, she was a total stranger so I wasn’t about to tell her my personal problems. I knew what to expect from a social worker since a few years back from this incident we had a social worker personally come to our home. This social worker than opened a case with DCFS(department of children and family services) which means that we are under supervision until the judges decide to close down the court, it is still opened till this day. Having social workers is helpful but it’s also really stressful at the same time because they expect you to go to so many programs in so little time and sometimes they even lie to you they say they will offer you resources but they never do. I think in total we attended 7 different programs throughout the year. Our conflict is still being worked on today but I can confidently say we have had a major development in both my parents and me because of family therapy and individual therapy which is where I met a wonderful therapist that I had visited for about 6 months and helped me see myself in a different perspective than what I used to see myself.  Something else that this incident cause was that during the month of October my dad was removed from our household because he had abused substances and the judges think that is what caused my mom and dads big discussion. But thank god these past few months he has been going to different programs that are helping him recover and are carefully supervising him that he doesn’t do drugs again. So at this time, he is not living with us but our social worker says he may come back in mid-April. Sometimes we wonder why we go through so many hardships well these hardships help us grow and prepare us for the future. We should never feel as if life is ending for us just because of a hardship we went through yes it is going to be hard to overcome but just remember everything comes to an end, we just need to patiently wait weeks, months or even years and it will be over.



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