By xangemt  |   From : Panama City, FL, USA  |   School : Bay High School

I was born on February 2, 2004.  I remember when I was in Mexico with my dad, my brother and my mom.  When I was 3 years old my dad died. When I lived with my dad and mom in Mexico he took me to the store. I could asked for something whenever we went to the store. One day the news came that my dad died. Everything changed a lot.  Mom had to get ahead and support me and my 8 brothers alone. It was good and bad. The bad thing was that we did not have a father. The good thing was that we had taught ourselves to defend ourselves and each other. We are doing things well with the advice of our mom.  We had to learn how succeed on our own. When I turned 13 ,I got my residency and I was happy to spend 2 months in mexico the residency. and I was going to come to the United States for the first Time. the trip to the United States was difficult. and we were afraid because it is a long way and dangerous It was beautiful along the way. You know many beautiful states and villages that I had not seen pass through 2 deserts at nightfall I could not sleep. The next day as  8 at night we were as we, down to rest.was the Texas was our next looked at everything differently. scary knowing that you are going to make a new life and sadness to know that you are going to leave our experiences, and my friends and my family in Mexico. and after we arrived in Houston Texas I liked that it was a great and beautiful place. there About a week, later we traveled to Florida. and I stayed to live and I went to school. I had 2 weeks to go to school. I felt scared and very nervous but when I came in I saw that school is not so bad. r that The teachers help us a lot and we feel that we would not learn English.  If I knew we could Learn it begin to learn it and spending time in the United States. we see it different now. we just take it easy and know everything will be fulfilled.

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