I like living in France in Saint ­Denis because there are many people from totally different origins and I love discovering things that I don’t know.

By Mando  |   From : Saint-Denis France  |   School : Suger High School

Dear reader,

My Father was born in Mali, coming from a large family (12 brothers and sister). He started traveling  around  the  age of 17 years old in Nigeria,  Senegal, Ivory Coast  to  meet his needs.

I am the third of five children, I was born on February 10th 1999. My parents told me that when I was born I brought a lot of happiness because before I was born my parents  had a lot of financial problems, my father didn’t work.  And when I arrived their financial problems were gone  and my dad found a job. I have always been my parents’ pet, and I love them.

When I was little, my sister and I were sick at the same time. Our disease even more united  us. I wonder if I would still be alive if I had not been in France ? I do not think it is thanks to God but do not think it is just luck. In my family there is a lot of love and respect.

Our  culture and our traditions are different from French culture but it fits.

I like to live in France in Saint ­Denis because there are so many people from totally different origins and I love discovering things that I don’t know.



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