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I would like a school were Jews could wear their kippa , Muslims their hijab and Christians their holy cross and many others.

By Soukaina  |   From : Saint-Denis France  |   School : Suger High School

Dear Readers,

If you read this letter, it is probably because you are bored and maybe because you are mad.  I’m telling you this because my life has nothing extraordinary as compared to many others.

I was born in a Moroccan family. France needed people to work in the country when my grand-parents came here for post-war reconstruction. Men in my family have been destroyed by France like many others too… They were considered like “strong men”, but they were not any stronger than any other human being.

I was often told that I was lucky to be French. I tried to believe it but now i can’t, i d’ont want to any more. Now I am sure that living in France doesn’t make me any luckier. It’s true that living here can be a good thing for those who are escaping war or misery. But my family was not living in misery in Morocco. In France i discovered misery, a different misery, the one that I would call moral misery like in many other countries I suppose…

I am saying this because if you are an immigrant, even by blood, one thing they want for you is to be INTEGRATED  ! But for them it means to forget values, religion, culture. In fact they are asking you to forget your story. Is that the French eldorado as they say ??? Is that worth it ? Not being you, pretending all the time ? For me it’s a real nightmare.

When you have a religion you have to hide it because of secularism. But the separation of church and state law should apply to the government, not to the people ! In France you have to make a choice between studying or wearing a religious dress. As for me, I chose to study. But here students are fired if their outfit is religious. Don’t you think it’s crazy ??? But it is reality, even if France is the country of human rights. As smart as you might be, they won’t want you because of your religion. That troubles me.

Yet I love France because of its differences, different cultures. I would really like it if was not but a fake. I would like a school were Jews could wear their kippa , Muslims their hijab and Christians their holy cross and many others.

I think this could prevent so many conflicts. People are so scared of differences !  That’s why we have to make them know other cultures, religions,  So that there won’t be racism any more. But all this is only a dream…

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