Meeting Again

By Tiffany Martinez  |   From : Boston, MA  |   School : East Boston High School

My mother is the most important thing in my life,
She always takes care of me and stays by my side,
I met her again after nine years before I came to the US,
I love my mother and I will finish my studies,
I want her to be proud of me, I will go to college
Study medicine, so i can be her doctor.

My fingers touching her side, brought me the –
Reason her side was warm , her arms open waiting-
For me , still never leave her again,
I thought before I met you , I was in the
Darkness all alone without you.

A love for a mother will always be true,
I wonder what could I do to see you smiling,
All the time has been just you and me,
When I see your face with tears , I feel
Pain like if I were the one who is hurt.

I always said that, when it is raining it is because
Clouds get hurt and they cry, like a wolf howling
In the night, perhaps they get lost searching food
To feed their puppies, just like my mother and I,
She travel to give me better life since I was a child.

Traveling was the best thing in my life , I
Met my mother again, that was worth it
Then live my youth live without her,
Thanks to God I have the opportunity to
Meet you again mother.

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