By Paula Ruiz  |   From : Colombia  |   School : Bloomfield High School

I am from a place surrounded by mountains,
where the sun rises behind them in the morning.
I am from cold weather every day of the year,
Where you don’t know when it’s going to rain
And you see the clouds adorning the sky.


I am from a place where people sell 
Empanadas in every corner of the city
And they are made of meat and chicken.
I am from a place where you wake up 
With the smell of chocolate rising from a cup,
And for breakfast you eat arepas and tamales.


I am from a place where people know 
Each other in the neighborhood, and 
called ‘’vecino’’ to one another.
I am from the place where our grandmas
Meet with the vecinas to knit and 
Drink coffee in the afternoons.


I am from a place where simple things
like sitting on the sidewalk with your 
Friends to talk after school 
Fills you with happiness.


I am from a place that might seem dangerous, 
but behind it people are humble and hardworking.
I am from a world where family comes first, 
Where everyone is willing to help.


I am from the place where every night
Families meet in front of the TV
To watch the novelas.


I am from a messy city that
Is always full of traffic and people
going from one place to another.
I am from a place where people are strong,
It doesn’t matter if there’s war, death and corruption 
We alway find a way to continue.
I am from where you can find poverty
And a smile in the same place.
Where mothers work late at night for their kids
And where kids are still innocents and 
See the world as the greatest adventure.


I am from a place that wherever I am 
I will always called it my home, 
I’ll always remember it with love and 
I will always be proud to say that 


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