I am from Miami, Lima, La Ceiba

By Daniyela Torres  |   From : Miramar, Fl, USA  |   School : Everglades High School

I am from a radio,

From books and cameras

I am from sharing a room with my mom and sister

And finally getting my own in 2010

I am from a mango tree

Whose branches were climbed every day

I am from Paneton and brunettes

From Elvira Regina and Luis Enrique

From shortness and stubbornness

From “Can you please do this?” and “Please watch your siblings”

I am from going to church one week and not returning the next

I am from Miami, Lima, La Ceiba,

Beans and potatoes.

From making tamales with abuela every Christmas

And from my mom working all day to support my sister and I

On the lowest shelf in my closet are two photo albums, made by my mother, telling the story of my childhood

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