My 4th grade teacher

By Benedict "Linda"  |   School : International High School at Langley Park

 I was in 4th grade in 2017 and I was shy I never want to talk to any of my classmates because they didn’t speak the same language as me most of my classmate was from Afghanistan so they didn’t speak English too and  I didn’t know good English rather than french and Swahili at the time so it was hard for me to communicate.

My teacher ms walker was really trying to make me comfortable even though I was really shy back then am still shy 

but when I was young it was just out of hand so she always tells me to be me and try my best and never give up on 

anything I  used to complain every day at class why I am the only black child in the all my classes and we can’t communicate cause french and English was the thing that I can speak but more is french and other my classmate did use to speak little English only hi and bye just little things and most of them was in some countries so the know 1 languages but me I was alone since I didn’t know anyone it really intimidating me back then.

I start getting good grades  I was getting grades because I was now more comfortable talking to my teacher than before or beginning of the year I was starting to do work even doing my homework I even started asking for help when I don’t understand and she will explain to me. 

I was comfortable asking her questions  She makes me want to talk to her more than my principal cause she always came next to me when we were at recess time cause I will play with no one so she will come next to me and start playing cards or any game with me.

My shyness was getting out little by little I was not shy that much anymore cause I start to feel not alone even am the only little chocolate kid in class but to make my point clear doesn’t mean they were not black kids in that school so Ms walker was always making sure I meet other kids of my skin color and that how I end up meeting Amine.

Ms walker knows I was a shy little kid I didn’t want to work in groups because I always feel like no one liked me or talk to me  I used to get offended why my parents brought me to that school because I feel like those kids didn’t like me or I didn’t like them I mean I was only 10 years old to childish mind so when she knew the problem cause she asks me why I don’t want to be working with others and I told her and she start comforting me with no one is different here were all family.

I was comfortable talking to my classmate after because I was starting to feel even though I don’t talk to my class meet this week it was okay because we were still learning from each other and we were shy and young after a month I was trying my best to communicate to them even they didn’t understand me.

We become friends and until now I still talk to most of them. Because of my teacher Ms walker that why I still talk to most of them until this day she was putting me in a group of people and made me talk sometimes she will stand beside me and help me talk she was trying to make me feel not alone and comfortable.


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