My brain is a cloudy confusion

By Ramato  |   From : Boston  |   School : Horace Mann School for the Deaf

My brain is a cloudy confusion
My thoughts spin red thoughts and confusion
My brain is red, my dreams are dizzy
Once people in my family were exhausted. People in my family are supportive
Body. Hands. Head. Be still.
And I work so hard to learn, the work is painful
When the pain starts, I close my eyes and my brain begins to tingle and spark
My thoughts become so confused, a brain throbbing dizziness
I mean… What’s the word… dizziness… it’s like I’m dreaming and my thoughts spin… thinking, thinking, thinking. Really I need to see the doctor
Um..blood… head… done

I broke my right wrist and the bones of my left hand
When I ride my bike in the cold those bones feel very painful and the blood doesn’t circulate properly in my hands
[Hands clean? Rub them to feel better?]
When I’m riding my bike outside or playing soccer, riding my bike out in the cool air, sometimes my hands start to tingle and the bones of my hand hurt, like the blood has drained away
Even though the injury was long ago, the feeling persists
I don’t know
Those are my hands

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