My first prom

By Marjory  |   From : El Salvador  |   School : International High School at Langley Park

My story begins in El Salvador, in 2013. I lived with my grandmother, mom, and little brother. I was 6 years old. This happened in my old house. My old house was on a farm in La Union.

 Eventually, I was feeling anxious about my first prom. I broke my little brother’s tablet because he wanted to eat candy and I was so busy. 

Then my little brother was mad at me because I don’t give him candy. He started bothering me push me. Then I throw the tablet to the wall. The tablet broke the screen shattered Then my little brother start crying. 

Prior to my mom was yelling because I broke the tablet. She was mad because she bought it with all her effort. She tell me that I got to pay for it. Then she keeps doing my hair and makeup. I put my dress on I was supper happy. 

Ten minutes later my little brother asked me for water I was going to put my shoes on but then my mom tell me to go get water for him. I give him a cup of water then my little brother asked me to help him to put his shoes on.

 I help him, but when I was putting his shoes on he spilled water on my dress. I was so mad because my dress was so cute and he just spilled water all over the front. I was wet and could.I almost kell my little brother. My mom was so angry she started yelling at my little brother because he ruined my dress. I almost loust the ceremony.

 I started crying because I think. I won’t be able to go. Ultimately we put my dress to dry in the sun for two hours. My mom was so angry that she punish my little brother from my room and he didn’t go to my ceremony he stay alone in the house. I was able to go and get my diploma.


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