They want me to become an adult.

By Mehdi Carnalitoo  |   From : Beziers, France  |   School : Lycée Jean Moulin

When I was younger I had a dream : I wanted to work with the police but I was afraid to be shot by a criminal even now I think about it and I don’t know If I still want to do this but now I think I’m going to be a Marine because it’s a great objective. After my baccalaureate I think i’m going to join the navy – I doen’t have members of my family in the navy but my cousin went to the navy 3months ago. I don’t consider policeman or soldiers as heroes but i think they are very important for our country. If i can’t join the navy or it’s too difficult for me I decided to become a great pharmacist

My mother and my sister support me – they want me to work harder and to become an adult.

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