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My Immigration

By Ricardo Ojeda  |   From : Colombia  |   School : Spanish River High School

It was about four in the morning. I was sleepy, and I did not want to wake up, but the voice of my father told me we had to leave. I remember seeing my very frightened brother and my thoughtful mother. I was neutral. I had no fear and no hesitation. I just wanted to see the thing end. After grabbing my bags I said goodbye to my cats. My uncle picked us up and went went straight to the airport. When we arrived my brother was very overwhelmed and felt he could not move his body, so we had to push a wheelchair around the airport. After getting on a huge line, we hopped on the plane and as it taxied I saw most of the country until it finally took off.

After a 30-minute flight we arrived at the international airport of Barcelona, Venezuela. The facilities were badly damaged. I just wanted out of there. After waiting three hours we rode the direct plane to Miami.

On arrival I found I felt terrified. I thought that people discriminated against me as a foreigner. To enter the airport we had to wait in a queue of several hours where there were a lot of tourists arriving. At the office they asked us many questions. We felt very concerned because we thought they would not let us pass, but in the end everything went well. We took our passports and went to the airport exit.

When leaving, a van picked us up and took us to our place. The driver was a very nice Colombian. We went to a house of Colombians where we got asylum. We did not know the people, but my father had contacted them.

After several months of changing places, we rented our first house where we settled. And that’s how I came to the United States.

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