My immigration story

By Trung Le ( Clair )  |   From : Huntington Beach, CA  |   School : Marina High School

       How can I write a few paragraphs about the sad feeling I had when I had to leave my friends, my uncle, my aunt, my sister, and my cousin in Vietnam ? I came to the United States to build a new life, and everything in the United States is more different than everything in Vietnam. When I first came here, I was only speaking one language, Vietnamese, but now I am also speaking English. I am living in Huntington Beach, California. I am Trung Le ( but you can call me Clair ) and I am a Vietnamese boy.

        On Friday, I went to my school in Vietnam and I told all my friends that I am going to travel to the United States. My friends in my class were getting surprised to hear that and they also told me: ¨WHAT ? YOU ARE GOING TO TRAVEL TO THE UNITED STATES ? OH MY GOD, YOU ARE SO LUCKY !¨ After that, on Friday in the evening, before I was going to the airport on Saturday morning, my friends gave me a farewell party to remember the memories that we had a lifetime together, and moreover they gave me the precious wishes and precious presents to help me to go well on the plane. On Saturday morning, when I was ready to go into the airplane, my friends came to my house, hugged me very tightly, cried and told me that: ¨Please, don´t leave us ! You are our best friend ! But anyway we have to accept this. And we hope you go very well on the plane.¨ I also started to cry so much. My ideas and questions were in my mind. Like how could I leave without the people that loved me ? How can I go to another country without knowing anyone ? How can I know how to speak English to communicate with foreign friends ? How are life and school going to be ? It was very hard to imagine all of that. 

       My first day in California was very difficult, I had to stay alone because I did not have friends, and I also was unable to do anything to know how the things work. When I was going to school for the first day of school, it was bigger than my school in Vietnam, and all the teachers and my new friends loved me because I was a new student and I always got good grades. After school, I started to go home from school and I felt so excited to tell my parents about the first day of school. When I told my story, my parents were really surprised. After that, my parents always hugged me very tightly and gave me good advice to help me study better in class. But my friends, and my school in Vietnam, once I lived in the United States, it was very hard to return to Vietnam to meet, communicate, and play with them. But fortunately, I changed my mind. I could communicate with my friends via social networks Facebook. I understood that my parents had to accept sacrificing me to help me build a better life, a better education, a safety, and a freedom, because in Vietnam there were no freedoms. But one day, I knew the way that I could return to Vietnam to play and communicate with my friends was to get a better job to earn money by studying very hard and very well. My favorite job that I wanted to become was a nurse. And once again, my parents strongly had to give me good advice to encourage me so that I would try my best to study very hard and very well to get good grades to become a nurse, and to return to my beloved country.

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