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My Journey From Kenya

By Abdullahi Ali  |   From : Kansas City, MO, USA  |   School : East High School

My journey to America was a good experience. It took us ten days  to get to America. First, I traveled from the camp to Lom. Next, I flew to Nairobi. After that, I stayed in Nairobi for seven days. Then, we were assisted by IOM to arrange for transportation. Finally, we started our journey on the eighth day. During my journey to America, I felt very happy because I was coming where I always wanted to be.

Before I left Kenya, I did many things. First, me and my brothers were taken to the market by  my mother to do some shopping.  Second, I went to my friend’s home to say goodbye. Third, I called all my neighbors and friends to celebrate together. When I left my country, I felt so sad because all my friends and neighbors were crying. I also felt pitty for them because I knew that I will never come back again.

Coming to America was very exciting for me. I arrived in Kansas City on July 6, 2016.  Before I came to America, I had many expectations and uncertainties. First, I thought I will have my car ready when I arrive.  Second, I thought I was going to walk to school.  I was very happy to ride the school bus.  Third, I thought I was going to have a free house.  We were told to rent it. At the end of my first week in America, I felt lonely because I didn’t know  how to communicate with Americans.

I go to East High School. My school in Kansas City is different than my school in my country, first with big buildings and nice classrooms, second, very comfortable school buses, and third, very delicious cafeteria food. Students learn in Swahili. However my school is also similar to my school in my country. First, teachers are males and females. Second, school is from Monday to Friday. Third, students like to learn.

Today, my life is wonderful. First, I am enjoying life.  Second, I am feeling free.  Third, I can go to the library to check out books.  Today I feel very happy about moving to America.  I feel good because of the climate and the weather.  I also feel well because of good food and good education. I am so happy  I moved to America.

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