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My Journey from Uganda to America

By Victor Ogole  |   From : Kansas City, MO  |   School : East High School

On Sunday 8/ 8/ 2016, I left Uganda. Before I left, I did many things. First, I said bye to my friends and family members. Second, I got medical shorts. Third, we had a party. When I left my country, I felt grave because I left all my friends, and I also felt happy because I coming to a beautiful country.

My journey to America was difficult.  It took three days to get to America. First, I took an airplane from Uganda to Istanbul. Next, an air plane from Istanbul to Chicago. After that, another airplane from Chicago to Kansas City. During my journey to America, I felt happy because I was going into a new beautiful country.

Coming to America took a long time for me.  I moved to Kansas City on 8/12/2016. Before I came to America, I had many expectations. First, I thought all beautiful buildings, but some houses are bad. Second, I thought I America has good roads, but some are horrible. Third, I thought all people in America are rich, but many are poor. At the end of my first day in America, I felt grave because I left all my friends in Uganda.

I go to East High School. My school in Kansas City is similar to and different than my school in my country.  First, it is different here because I take free bus from home to school. Second, my school in Kansas City has good education. Third, the lunch at my school in Kansas City is good. However, my school is also similar to my school in my country.  First, both have teachers. Second, both have many students. I like the enthusiastic education at East High School.  East High School is extremely

Today, my life is delightful.  First, because of good education in America. Second, because of beautiful houses in America. Third, because of good roads and buildings in America. Today, I feel upset about moving to America.  I feel upset because is hard to have friends. I also feel upset because houses are so expensive to pay. In general, I am excited I moved to America.  



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