My new beginning

By Heily  |   From : Cuba  |   School : Palm Springs Middle School

My name is Heily, I’m Cuban. I was born in Pinar de Rio in the Hospital Hermanos Saiz and now I am 13 years old. 

    Mi país es a beautiful place, but las personas no tienen libertad de expresión como se dice. Yo vivía con my mother, grandmother, uncle , aunt and  cousins. My life was full of joy, amaba a mi familia[ cosa que aun hago] todo era feliz. Pero algo de mi siempre pensaba en mi papá, a quien casi no conocía.

  My father came to the United States of America when I was only 1 year old, y no pude verlo por 8 long years. A mi papa le pusieron una restricción de no poder entrar a su país por 8 anos. In the year 2017 my father came to Cuba to see me and our family. I was so very happy because I went to see him for the first time in my life, que no fuera por una video llamada, all the time I was with my father was wonderful, I could finally meet him.

Before he returned to the USA, he asked my mom one more time if he could file a claim for me to come to the USA, and this time she decided to say yes. 

 Yo y mi mamá empezamos los tramites de mi pasaporte, y todo lo demás necesario para poder viajar, ya que todos los trámites estaban listos solo quedaba esperar. After a little time llegó mi visa, y that’s how my trip to the United States of America. Cuando llegó el momento de venir aquí mi papá  fue a buscarme a Cuba, y en  el aeropuerto la despedida fue muy fuerte ya que tenía  que dejar a mi  mama , mi abuela, mis primos y tíos  en Cuba, fue muy duro para mi dejar mi familia en especial mi mama, para comenzar una nueva vida en otro lugar.

From Havana airport, we travel to Guyana. We made a one-hour layover and arrived at 12 at night at Guyana, from there we went to the hotel to stay. 

The next day was my birthday, the first birthday that happened without my mother, but I had my dad with me and that made me feel very good, we celebrated my, and everything was fantastic. 

 The next two days were very crazy. I had my medical checkup in Guyana and also the interview. Me and my dad had to wait a few days for the approval of the Guyana embassy. After 14 days in Guyana finally we can come to the USA. I was very excited because it was the first time that I was going to enter in American land.

The most difficult thing for me was to leave my mother in Cuba and in the whole trajectory it was the desperate wait for the approval of my visa. 

When I arrived in the USA  I saw my siblings for the first time I met another part of my family, everything was happy and I felt very happy  with them since from the first moment they saw me they treated  me very well and supported  me a lot to adapt to that new family.

When I had been here for a few days, I went to school, I made many friends, they helped me to learn my classes and introduced me to the new school. 

In the United States, the most difficult thing for me was learning English, and adapting to a new culture.

In the next five years I wish to finish college and go to university and to graduate from university. I want to be a nurse and I want to work in a hospital, helping people to recover. 

I also want to one day bring my mother to this country. I want to give her a better life that can be had in my country. That is why I want to be a great nurse to be able to reunite my family. In that time my heart will be complete, and my life will be perfect. 

In this country I l have learned one thing.  If you want something you can achieve it. You just have to starve for it. If you fall or fail, you get up and try again.  Never give up!

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