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My Own Wings

By Silda Lucas  |   From : West Palm Beach, Florida  |   School : Royal Palm Beach High School

I came to the United States not because it was my dream, but because my Mom decided. In the first week, everything was nice but then the problems started among the family, where many people said that I came because I had problems with my Grandparents and that I wanted to study here. That hurt a lot because nobody knew the truth, I did not want to be here and was good with my family and friends in Guatemala. Life is like a closed book,you can see the title but nobody knows the full story in life.

Everything was very difficult for me because it was customary to do everything in my country, Guatemala. I did all kinds of activities, my life was always very nice. During the week I was studying, I left at 12 a.m. I would go to my house to change my clothes I leave to the Gym, arrived at 7 o’clock on the night, On Saturdays I would go to another studio and on Sundays I would go out with my friends.

My soccer friends always called me to go to a soccer game and I was so fanatical that I did not care about what I was doing, but I never missed a soccer game because the field is and will always be my passion, that smell of grass that makes you forget everything and enter a world where everything is beautiful. There is freedom, there is love, understanding in equipment and above all love and delivery to the ball so rose the goal contrary.

All the people supported me and shouted for a goal, it was beautiful. I also went to karate competitions. I liked to practice because I wanted to learn how to defend myself. I was very loved by many people. My grandparents always supported me in everything and would look for ways to help me because they believed that I was good at all the activities I did.

Everything was good until one day in the afternoon, I was in a soccer championship but I received a call from my mom “Silda you are in Guatemala, you will come with me to the United States”, I felt like like everything was over. That was very hard for me because I never wanted to come to the United States. I was devastated because my grandparents decided that my Mom was correct, they were too old to take care of me, that was hurtful because they were like my parents. I said goodbye to everyone, after my grandparents were very sad because I had always lived with them.

I came to the United States, on the first week everything was fine but then the problems started and everything went out of control. Everything was very difficult because of family problems. But I am demonstrating that what everyone thinks is false because they talk about me without knowing what happened to me. I prove to be strong and also teach my history book so that everyone can read it and not only see the title. I always say, “If you do not want to walk because it’s a very long way, very easily make your own wings and start flying”. People can criticize you for the way you live but never see where you come from.

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