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My parents came here because they want me and my sisters to have a better life

By Bu Meh  |   From : Phoenix, AZ  |   School : Central High School

My name is Bu Meh. This is my story of coming to America with my family. We are from Thailand. I am 17 years old. I came to America in 2011 in the summer. I came to Phoenix with my family. I got here by taking a car and slept at Mae Hong Son one night. I took a bus and airplane to Japan and we stayed there two hours waiting for another airplane to come. We took an airplane from Japan to get here in Phoenix, Arizona. My parents came here because they want me and my sisters to have a better life and have an education. In my country we don’t have a safe place to go to school like American schools. It is difficult to live in my country where people are not like each other they are always fighting and it is difficult for my parents to find for me and my sisters food to eat everyday. So my mom tells us to come to America and wants us to come to learn another language to improve our life to be better. The reason that my mom and my dad wanted to come here is that I have a problem in my heart when I was little I always got sick and I went to the clinic to get help. In my country it cost a lot of money to fix. My aunt told my parents that if you don’t want to come to America I will be dead because my aunt says that here in America a doctor and nurse can help and can fix it so my family came here. I am really thankfully to my parents and doctor also my school teachers.

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