My Story

By Natalie Andrea Huezo Landaverde  |   From : El Salvador  |   School : International High School at Largo

Hello,  my name is Natalie Huezo. I am from El Salvador.  My story happens in El Salvador in 2016. The people in my story are me, my family and the coyote. The main point in my story is how to stay strong and survive to come to the United States and find a better life. Finding and experiencing new things sometimes is good or bad. 

At the beginning, it was hard to know that we were coming to the U.S. I still remember when one afternoon I was coming home from school, my parents and my siblings were there  waiting for me, to give me the news that we had to leave the country to come to the United States.  For me that was a moment of happiness but at the same time it was something sad because I was not going to be able to see my friends and my family again. Next, the coyote went to my house and he started to explain all the things that we were going to do.  All the things that he said were normal but I never imagined that it was going to be more difficult than what he had explained to us. After that,  the next morning we left for San Salvador to be able to take a bus that would take us to Guatemala. We all came together and the most difficult thing for all of us was that my little brother was coming with us. 

Following that, when we got to Guatemala we stayed in a hotel. That was weird because I was in another country and all the people were looking at us. I took that as a normal thing. Then, we took another bus that could take us to Mexico. There were times that we stopped to rest and eat but it didn’t feel good to be going to places with different types of food. In addition I had to accept it, I didn’t have another choice. I still remember one night we were at the hotel, I started thinking about what my life would be like, if it would stay the same or if it would be different. Things happened and  thank to God we had the opportunity to get to the United States, everything was happy but one thing that took away all our motivations was the news they gave us when we found out that my father had been deported to El Salvador, that was so difficult for us because we didn’t know what our life was going to be like without him in the United States.

Apart from this, my dad tried to come again but they deported him again.  In all that time,  we were at my uncle’s house, at first it was weird living with other people, but I have no excuse because they treated us the best, they helped us a lot, we all went out to eat together and do a lot of things but my mind was on if my dad one day would be able to be here with us. My dad was deported 3 times, which he did not give up and he tried again and God gave him the opportunity to come. The day my dad came, it was something very happy for all of us. I still remember that night that one of my sisters and I were by the window waiting for him to arrive.

To conclude, throughout this journey, I learned a lot to know how to wait on God because many times we want things in our power but we know that at the end of the day everything goes wrong.  Many people who have not experienced this can say that it is easy to just come to the United States, that but all of us who went through that know that it is not easy at all, days where w

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