My story

By Wenxuan Huang "LEO"  |   From : Winter Park, Florida  |   School : Lake Howell High School

My name is Wenxuan Huang, I know it’s hard to pronounce it. So, that’s why I ask my teachers and friends to call me “LEO”. I came to the United States on December fourteenth , 2014 . I don’t think I will ever forget the day I had to say goodbye to my hometown in China. That was the first time and also the last time I have cried like a child since I have become a teenager. I had learned some English in China before coming here, so I wasn’t too nervous for my first day of school in America. However, I was wrong. I’m pretty sure I didn’t understand anything in the class. They were speaking too fast! Although, the teachers were very nice to me,  I still had  a very hard time. The first six months in the United States changed me a lot. I was kind of crazy during that time. This was the first time I had felt the taste of loneliness. It feels like you are against the whole world by yourself. I had to face every problem, every situation  by myself. My mom said I had grown up only after the first semester in America. I missed my friends, I missed my hometown, and I argued with my parents lots of times about all of this. I wanted to go home. Nevertheless, I’m hoping for more opportunities here if not I don’t think I will stay here anymore. Its hard to learn another language. The only thing that I can do is to keep reminding myself of who I am and keep working on my  journey.

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