My Story for StoryShare

By Kelvin  |   From : Dominican Republic  |   School : Horace Mann School for the Deaf


***Kelvin will expand upon these stories in ASL but here is an overview of the topics covered**


My name is Kelvin. I was born on July 18th, 2006, in the Dominican Republic. I moved to America in _______________________.

Today, I want to share my experiences during Covid-19.

A few years ago, when COVID- hit Boston, I felt very upset. My mind was going crazy thinking about all the places where my family lived: New York, Boston, Lynn. I missed having fun with my friends and family. It was really upsetting.

Another tough thing with Covid was my girlfriend and I broke up during that time. My heart was destroyed.

Another hard experience was when my grandfather passed away from COVID-19.  Everyone cared and respected him. At his funeral, all of our family prayed for him.

When COVID was finally decreasing, I started getting very excited that I’d finally be able to travel with my family. We were going to travel to New York to have fun.

Now, I’m feeling ____________________________________.

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