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My Story of Where I’m From

By Angel  |   From : Mexico  |   School : Glades Central High School (FL)

Hello my name is Angel Bonilla. I’m from Mexico, and the city where I lived was called Tacotalpa Tabasco. In Mexico I like to play soccer with my friend in the’’’  I came to the United States when I was 9 years old, because my parents told me that the U.S. provided more opportunity for me. My mom and dad had lived in the United States since I was in kindergarten. I told my dad that I did not want to come to the United States, because I did not want to leave my grandparents. Because my grandparents took care of me. But my dad kept insisting that we should come to the United States so that we could meet our little brothers. These were my brothers, so I decided to come to the United States.

My father told us that we had to walk through the desert, and I told my dad that if I had to walk through the desert I would not come to the U.S.  I was afraid to walk the desert, because of all the frightening stories I had read at school. One story I read at school was about the people who had walked the desert and some did not arrive at their destination. But then my dad called us and told us not to be afraid, because nothing would happen to us. The next morning my dad called us to get ready to come to the U.S. We went to the airport in Villahermosa Tabasco, and from there we went to Mexico City.  We waited there for two hours for the plane that had to take us to Hermosillo. In Hermosillo we waited two weeks for the coyote to pick us up. There were many of us travelling. From there the coyote had us wait in a hotel. Then we went to a place that was dark, and the coyote told us that we had to wait a few minutes in that place. We got out of that place, and he told us that in a few minutes we were going to start walking in the desert. We had to walk in the desert for three days to get to Tucson, Arizona. When we arrived in Tucson, we went to a big house and we stayed two days. Then the coyote told us that he was going to bring us to South Bay to meet my parents.

Now I have been in the United States for 8 years. Now I know that it was difficult for my parents to bring us here, because they worked hard in the fields so they could bring us. In the summer I work in the fields, and it is hard work. I started working when I was 14 years old. Now that I am graduating, and I want to go to a college and study to be a welder and make my parents proud of me.



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