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Hello I’m from Mexico. I was born on April 17, 2001. Now I’m 15 years old I arrived in this country on June 8, 2014 when I was 13 years old. My life changed completely when my parents separated, and I would like my Father to listen to my story because for his lie I changed my life. When I lived with my parents together and my brother I was very happy because I saw them both and my brother.

The problem began when my father deceived my mother with another woman. My father changed and was very rude to my mom. He beat her and we did not have feelings. I did not get home, time passed and my mom just thought she did not want that Life for us. The time came when my dad took us out on the street and my mother came back with my grandparents.

Six years had passed when my parent split up and my story started. Separated, my mother returned to poverty within one year. When I turned 8 years old my mom came to the US and left my brother and me in an orphanage for a year as she passed the border and began to work. I lived unforgettable experiences. I remember there I learned to wash my clothes and be alone. I also faced my fears in the dark.

Then when my mom got a job she sent us to a normal school but now my uncles would take care of us. The problem was that all the guys were saying to be careful, not leaving her children with them.

August 24, 2008. I remember my mother forcing my notebooks while crying. I remember I asked her what was wrong but she just started a speech like you have to be strong in life and never be sad. I did not understand what was happening the next day. I remember my mother was very strong, hugged us and told us she would return but at that moment my uncles were not to leave an orphanage where they were staying that coming weekend. I would see my mother but I did not.

        What happened was that she was going to America to work for us as my father threw us onto the street, I felt very sad and afraid that something might happen to my mom. I also felt abandoned once more, because two years previously I lived with myself but my father beat my mother and cheated on her with another woman. He beat us for no reason. Then my father took us to the street. My mother tried to be strong and work for us. When he did not surrender the money, she decided to get us to an orphanage while she went to the United States.

I had many experiences. One was my first love. I fell in love for the first time as a child. The next was that I learned to take care of myself and to wash my clothes. Every morning we would get up to clean the runners and bathrooms. It was fun because we could play. Another of my experiences was when we celebrated the Valentine dance alone and I remember we got very rich food and I danced with the boy that I liked all night.

Some evenings we went out to play basketball with older women. My experience marked my heart was when I was in danger. I was almost abused in a room. I was afraid and I fought as much as you can yell and teachers listened. The teachers arrived in time. From that moment I had to take care of myself but worst of all is that every day after that moment, I felt more alone.

There helped me not to no one I help they could count on my brother in good times and bad learned that in one lifetime should never think of playing alone in care and to and evaluate what they give us eating because life can get as people looking for food in the garbage learned must sacrifice something we want for something better my life was not easy but everyday I fight to make it better

I think it is good to live in orphanages because they suffer from food or clothing but many times not much security and people to and observe we may have freedom but we can not go can have parties among us but not very big, often in orphanages depression thinking that you are not living with your family and live with the fear that the person to take you is bad, one of the good things is that receives support from teachers and peers.

That place changed completely I became a struggling person in life I learned to be humble in this life. My goals for my life after this experience were to see my mom come to a place free be a fighter not to buggy to fall in that place oh in a similar now and I achieve it I found the freedom I only think about fighting to obtain a career in the United States as a military doctor at harvard University there is never any surrender life is not so bad we just have to have courage to face whatever comes we can all be better.

The my mom decided to make a huge house that we might live alone in, but my uncles would control all the money my mother sent us. The problem was they did not give the money to us and they were stealing all the dinner.

When my mom found out that we did not receive the money and that my uncles stole it, she decided that she would give  the money to us. When my uncles realized that change and no longer received money from my mother, they began to create psychological and physical abuse to us.

l remember when I started to make dinner and it turned out a little bad, my aunt  threw it in my face and said I was stupid. I joined my aunt shopping and I forgot the purse with the money and my aunt hit me and cried in front of everyone. I fell dumb and like I didn’t belong. At that time when my aunt hit me, a lady called my mom to tell my aunt hit  me and that it was not good my mom was not a very bad parent and worked hard for my brother and me but the situation worsened .

In the following situation my aunt ordered me to wash the dishes. I cleaned the floors, and I did everything. I cooked food very well but I forgot I had to throw away leftovers. She broke all the dishes. She told me to wash the floor and threw the leftovers on my feet. She wanted to take my phone but I didn’t give it her. She started to suffocate me and it was at that moment that I had to defend myself. I buried my nails and she released me. She scared me and I went out to the city to call my mom and so my mom decided I would leave to America, away from all my uncles. That was my story in Mexico. I’m so glad I did not return to Mexico; however,my journey is not easy.

           Mom started to tell us that we would come to the United States, that was very sad for me I adored that village was quiet it was cool it was beautiful that I loved the day that we left of those who said goodbye was our friends I remember that in the bus I memorized every link in my mind, we arrived at the house of my uncle Armando the last place that we visited near home was the basilica of guadalupe in the D.F asked him of heart that we could arrive well and feasible.

           Then we had the first buoy which was exciting because it was the first time, arriving the polleros picked us up and took us to a cellar where we stayed 4 days I remember we ate once at the week, remember that the chief advised us to tell the authorities that we came from Mexico to come later.

                We went to another cellar to cross and I remember that it was a empty  house that was painted with spray paint I remember that all those who were going to cross prayed, and walking out in the dark to get to the bank of the big river I remember that the pollero told us that Who wanted cocaine so that he did not surrender, we started to claim the pollero ordered us to put on life jackets we crossed the river arriving at the shore we started walking to get to the wall, I remember that it was huge and up the top were big red tubes , The pollero was drugged and had no conscience of what he then grabbed the ladder and not and put it the moment we were all on the ladder migration saw us.

We all tried to get down but we could not take the stairs. Fortunately, my uncle was broke. He fell down and fell on top of him. My brother, my uncle and I, but we migrate. I remember that we were taken to the streets. Remember that we did not eat. To me me and my brother arrived at the DIF gave us to eat and then we went to bring my uncle and we returned to the same cellar but this time it was just us and a gentleman. As we were from Mexico we could go out to buy food to the street I remember that when we left we went to the center we were witnesses of a gunfire I remember that we ran like never before and we stayed in the cellar I remember the fear that I felt.

After we moved to another winery where where I met a guy who was called carlos remember to tell a girl later we went to cross the border again this time we no longer cross any river but walked between a mountain where the trees were Thorns remember that we walked 1 full night we crossed a small river, we waited behind a house to be passed to bring us later we were taken to a cellar on the top of a house I remember when entering the door the first one I saw was Carlos Boy I love it, he told me I think I know you it to us and I told him that if he gave me his shirt and his pants to get me dressed because I was wet.

I remember that my brother and I were told that we had to sit on the feet of those who sat at the time of going down or I did not feel my legs and we had to run I remember that I did not feel my feet but I could not be enchanted my brother did not He was able to walk and lay down, realizing that my brother was not here with us they came back to look for him because he was not my brother was lost I felt bad not knowing anything about my brother.

        They came back to look for it but it was not so we had to continue but I had that concern inside me when we had finished the tour I passed a car for us and when we went inside I had given thanks that everything was over but migration was behind us As soon as we stopped the collote ran out and two others managed to pass the fence and escape while we barely climbed when I was at the top a police officer grabbed my back and I lay on the floor I broke my foot remember that the pain was inexplicable But he still lives.

They took me to a detention center in Texas I remember that it was cold and they did not give us to eat nor even distinguish day and night then they took me out and they took me another detention center then they deported me and they took me to a DIF where I was expecting my uncle to come and bring me, my uncle arrived and we bought a ticket and returned to that place we returned to the same wineries.

Arriving I received the news that my brother was already with my mom that I am very happy but she told me that if I did not go this time I would have to go with my dad thanks to God I managed to cross the two borders and arriving in  trip for 2 days In car to reach my current address and after 7 years I returned to see my mother but it was very different and to see her let me cry and I promised that I would be a good daughter and a good student and I would never leave my mother again.

I met the occupation of my mom she cuts hair during this two years he managed to be a good student and managed to help my mom to get our own salon fortunately I learned that work and can start to work, for all the children who are well here Give up everything can be my personal opinion about the 2016 elections and the new skeptic must see each of our stories to be able to put on our shoes and not say that we are murderers all together we can defend our rights with much affection.



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