My Whole Life

By Mustafa Sahel  |   From : Afghanistan  |   School : Thomas Jefferson

My Whole Life

My name is Mustafa. When I was eight years old, in my country there was war with a lot of people killed by the war. That’s why my dad decided to go Austria and live there. So my dad went to Austria and applied for a passport. After that, my dad got a passport and brought us to Austria. In Austria, we lived in the capital, Vienna. Vienna was beautiful, and I went to the school there. I had a good life and a lot of friends. Then, one day, my dad talked with his boss and the boss said to my dad, “Why dont you apply for a US passport and come to the United States?” In 2017 on a Monday, my dad went to the U.S. Embassy and applied for a green card.

He got a green card there and we went to the United States. He brought the rest of us to the United States as well. Right now we are living in Cleveland and I’m happy here.

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