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My name is Yannick Monteiro Ramos

By Yannick Monteiro Ramos  |   From : France / Senegal  |   School : Lycee Jacques Brel

My name is Yannick Monteiro Ramos, I am 16 years old,
I live in Le Bourget and I am in the High School Jacques
Brel. I like football, my favorite football team is the New
England Patriots. And my favorite College football team
is Purdue Football because they have a French player in
their roster. I am playing football too at Le Flash de La
Courneuve. I wanted to be PE teacher. My parents are
cape Verdeans but my mom born in Dakar, Senegal. I
have a very very big family I have 12 uncles and aunts.
For me family is the best think in the world. I like
playing Hearthstone.


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