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“Never give up, even when your life does not go the way you want”

By Keyner   |   From : Guatemala  |   School : Royal Palm Beach High School

In life we go through difficult situations, but all these difficult situations do not have to stop us, we have to fight against them!

In the beginning of my life, my father had come to the United States from Guatemala. The reason that he came to the United States was just to give us a good life, a good home. The years passed and my Dad no longer returned home, my mom decided to divorced my Dad. That moment was the worse for our lives, my real Mom had left us “abandoned” and thanks to my grandparents we were taking care of, also my Dad never abandoned us. If he left us, it was because he wanted his family to have a better life. My Dad was always taking care of our expenses, like food and other needs.
I still remember those days, those worst days of my life. I will never forget them.

The moment that my life began to change was after those difficult moments of our lives. My brothers and I started attending a church, we never blamed God for what was happening in our lives. Many times people criticized us on how we were living, but we did not mind and kept looking for God! After a long time my Dad married his new wife! Her name is Maria!

The best news of my life! One day we were sitting on the bed about to go to sleep and the phone rang, “riiing”. It was my Dad who was communicating with us with his new wife, at that time my Dad told us, “My children are you still awake? we replied instantly “Yes papa, we are still awake!” I remember the words that he told us, I felt like God have made the greatest miracle in my life, wow! We were with doubt about what will the news be? He told us, “My children, you will be in the United States tomorrow!”. My brothers and I could not believe the great news, the day came and we were in the airport waiting for our plane flight.

In the airport as we waited for our flight I noticed my Mom, I had never looked at my mom cry! We were at the airport my brothers and I even my mom waiting for our flight, the moment has come! For the first time we could realize the mistake that my Mother had made, when she left us abandoned. For the first time my mom began to cry desperately, I could not contain my tears too, I felt my heart stopped beating. To see my mother crying desperately was one of the hardest moments of my life. I still remember the words I told my mom “Mama look for God! You know we are your children, we will never hate you even if you made the mistake of leaving us abandoned, we will always love you!” I also told her. Someday you will be with us in the United States!

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