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Never Look Back

By David   |   From : Staten Island, NY  |   School : Port Richmond High School

As an immigrant, I have learned to never look back always have a positive thinking that everything can be done. Nothing is impossible.

When we left our country, it was very hard to leave our country because it is the earth you know since you were born. When get out f your country, you get away from the things that you love most.

I came to the US crossing the border between Mexico and the United States where one can risk their his life. But my dream was to come to this country with my mom.

My mom now works every day. I come to school every day. I need to learn English because everyone speaks English here.

My challenge was to overcome my fear of losing. My objective is achieved. Now, I want to study and learn new things in this country.

People think life in the US is easy. It is not easy to learn new things. It is not easy to leave your culture, your language and your country. What I’ve learned from my experience is not to look back – Always be positive – To achieve your goals –And always fight for what you dream- Not lose hope. Life is hard but nothing is impossible.

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