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My new friends spoke Arabic, French, and they didn’t know English so it was hard for us to communicate.

By Almanzar Stiven  |   From : Dominican Republic  |   School : MACS The Bronx

I grew up in Salcedo, Dominican Republic. Salcedo is a beautiful town close to another beautiful city called Santiago. One thing I liked about my country was how the people treated you. Another thing that I liked about my country was the beach, the people, and the way they talked. People were always outside talking with their neighbors and they talked like they were always happy.

When I was in the Dominican Republic, I lived with my father, mother, brother, and my sister. In my family, I’m the youngest. My brother is the second youngest and my sister is the oldest.

One memory that I have from the Dominican Republic is when I went to a resort for the first time. I was so happy because that had been one of my dreams. Another of my memories was when I went to a zoo and I saw so many animals like lions, snakes, and monkeys.

When I was in the Dominican Republic, I was happy because I was playing with all of my friends and family. Life in the Dominican Republic is different than in the United States because the people are always on vacation at resorts because the climate is very hot.

I found out that I was leaving the Dominican Republic when the consulate approved our visa. I was sad because I was leaving my family and friends. When I came to the United States, I only brought some of my clothes. My last day in the Dominican Republic was normal, but sad, because not everybody knew that I was leaving. When I said goodbye to my cousins and my grandmother, they were crying. Something funny that I remember is when my friend told me, “When you come back, bring me light up shoes.”

I left the Dominican Republic to go to the United States. I went with my brother. I remember that when I was in the airplane, I was so scared. I felt scared because I had never been on an airplane. I have lived in the United States for three years, and I plan to live here for the rest of my life.

The first place I went to in the United States was Mofongo House, which is a famous restaurant in Manhattan. My first thoughts were I had to learn English and touch the snow. I noticed that the climate was so cold and the language was different because in the United States the main language is English. Something that was the same about the United States was that I still live around Dominican people. Something funny that happened was when I went downtown I was scared because I had never seen such big buildings.

My new home looks cute and big. Something different is that my home in the Dominican Republic was bigger. I feel good in my new home because I live with my father, mother, and my brother. When I started the school, I was so confused because my teacher spoke English. Some of my friends spoke Arabic, French, and they didn’t know English so it was hard for us to communicate.

Something that changed in my life was the type of food that I ate because before I always ate rice, beans, chicken, and bananas with eggs and salami. Now I eat cereal, pizza, and McDonald’s. Something negative about my move to the United States is that learning English is hard for me because that is not my original language. Something that people can learn from my story is that nothing is impossible in life and everything can be accomplished.

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