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Is My New Home a Desert?

By Paula Muñoz  |   From : Colombia  |   School : Spanish River High School

I came to the United States almost two years ago. When I came here I didn’t like it to much, and I didn’t know the language. The school was very different. In Colombia we don’t need to switch every period, we just stayed in the same classroom all periods and the teachers came to our classroom. This country is too much different than mine, and I miss my friends. All days in lunch time we can go to play volleyball or basketball or soccer or walk around the school, one of the things that I really miss from my school. Another thing that I don’t really like from here is that the stores, the markets or the parks are too far away to go walking. you need to have a car to go somewhere. In Colombia you obviously need to have a car, but not for everything like here. You can go to the market or go to buy an ice cream and walk 5 or 10 minutes or even less because sometimes you have everything in front or right beside  your house. Another thing that I think is pretty annoying and ugly is that you don’t see anyone walking in the streets or in your neighborhood. Sometimes you don’t even see anyone; it’s like you live in a desert or in a dead place. I really hate that from here.

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