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New hope

By Maria Paz Avila  |   From : Wellington FL  |   School : Palm Beach Central High School

Almost all of my  family have lived in the United States from almost 20 years ago, my mom wanted to live here because of my family, work, and because she wanted to a better education for me, apart I would learn another language. Especially it was for the work, because the economy began to decrease a little in my house and the bills went up every month more.


When my mom told me about this trip, I was surprised because I didn’t think I would live in the united states but I was happy because I will going to see my family and stay near to them thought I was going to leave my brother, part of my family, my friends, all that I had made.


My mom already had applied for the visa with my brother for about 20 years ago, but they denied it, so she had to wait. In 2014 she tried again but she was with me and it happened again and she didn’t know why. In 2015 we tried again and finally we got the visa and I was so happy, we waited 2 months and we bought the ticket for november.


When I told my friends that I was going to live in the United States, they felt so sad because we known each other from I was in kindergarten. Every day that passed was so sad because I was going to miss everything and I was so nervous and thinking about the trip, I cried a lot, I can’t explain what I was feeling in that moment, because I was happy but at the same time I was sad, I had a lot of feelings in my head,  I wanted to leave the country with everything that I was going to miss but unfortunately I could not .


My brother and my cousin went with my mother and me until the airport, my aunt and some cousins were there, they were crying, we said goodbye and give them a huge hug, so we passed to migration and we wait until the flight.

In November 25 of 2015 at 9 pm, we arrived at fort lauderdale, I just looked around, and I liked, I like the streets, there was no traffic, I like the palms, the houses, everything. my uncle and my aunt picked us and we went to my aunt’s house and they had a special dinner for us, part of my family was there; after the met, we went to my grandma’s house and we stayed there.


I took two weeks of rest because I had got off the school like 1 week ago, after the two weeks, I registered to Palm beach central High School  and, in december 3, I started the school, I was so nervous for the language because I thought nobody spoke spanish but when I went to art, my first class, I knew three new friends, one cuban boy called Arley that actually is still my friend, one italian girl called Sofia and one American girl called Ady, they made me feel happy and comfortable, I knew many friends that have made me feel happy and accompanied.
Actually I live with my mom, my aunt and my uncle, I’m a Junior, I have a good grades and I am disciplined with the study and in my house. Little by little I have been adapting and now all of that pain is happiness, I’m very grateful to be here.

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