New school, new country

From : El Salvador  |   School : Maryland

The first day of school was horrible. Being new to school sucks. You don’t know anything and you don’t know anyone. The worst thing was not knowing the language. I was so lost. I didn’t understand anything.

The teacher started talking, “ Well hello class. Welcome again. We’re going to have a great year.” Everyone was happy and excited to start the year. I was shy, I didn’t know anyone. I was sitting by myself. I felt so insecure because I didn’t know the language, and It was a new school. I was scared of starting over.

The teacher started the class. “You got to be in pairs so you can know each other better” said the teacher. Everybody looked around. I just sat there quietly, hoping someone would pick me. I wanted to go home, and I almost started crying until a girl came over. She said, “Hey my name is Lizbeth, I heard you’re new, so I wanted to come over and say hi, and also to ask if you wanted to be partners”. I looked at her and nodded my head saying yes.

We started a conversation. She asked “Where you from?”

I said “El Salvador.” She instantly knew I didn’t talk English. Then I asked her “where you are from?”

She responded “ I was born in the United States but, my parents are from Honduras.”

I said “ that’s cool, I only have 4 months being in this country.”

She said, “you will learn the language fast if you put the effort and don’t worry I’m going to help you because you are smart.” I was so hopeful because she gave me the impulse to continue, and she made me feel worth it.

We started talking more often, every day basically. Every day she come to me saying hi, bringing me up again. She was a nice person. I wasn’t that shy anymore. I talked to almost everyone in the class. I started learning more and more with her help. The teacher was congratulating everyone for their excellent work that everyone had done so far. The teacher was so happy and saying, “ well done Andrea you had done an excellent job. We have seen your progress so far.” I was happy and proud of hearing my teacher saying it. I progress a lot. I understand almost everything. I didn’t struggle no more.

My understanding of the language was a lot more than I thought. I progress a lot with the help of my teacher and Lizbeth were supporting me and knowing that I don’t speak the language very well, but I’m progressing until I’ll speak it right without the accent. I proposed myself in that day and on to always put my effort and to show the ones that say that they can’t, that nothing is impossible that everything is possible.

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