New York to Florida

By Scarleth  |   From : Honduras/New York  |   School : Everglades High School

My name is Scarleth Castro I am sixteen years old and I am student at Everglades High School.

I was born in New York and lived there until i was fourteen. My parents are both from Honduras. My mother was born in Tegucigalpa and came to the United States when she was fourteen. My father was born in San Pedro and came to the United States when he was seventeen. They both came here for freedom and so they could have better opportunities.

My mom and dad have worked hard to give me and my brother everything. They have both worked hard since they arrived to this country and they haven’t stopped, they inspire me to be hardworking and to never give up no matter what others around me say. I grew up speaking Spanish in my house, my parents always emphasized how important it was to be bilingual.

My parents also taught me how important family was, I would always spend time with my family whether we went to the park or stayed home to watch movies. Growing up my parents always told me it was important to be independent so at a young age they would give me responsibilities like making sure I did all my homework, helping my mom make my bed, as I got older they taught me how to help out around the house.

Life in New York is really sad, you get used to the same basic routine. New York isn’t the safest place and there is good people but most dont have good intentions. When I lived in New York I was happy but I had my struggles: I felt lonely and lost. My life in New York consisted of going to school, coming home to do chores and homework, going to dance classes, go home shower, and then go to sleep. That got really sad because I felt like I wasn’t doing anything spontaneous with my life. I couldn’t even hang out with friends because of how unsafe it was.

When I moved to Florida I was so excited and anxious. I was very happy to start a new chapter of my life, and to move on from any negative memories and feelings that I had in New York. I was sad at the fact that I was going to be miles away from my friends and family but i knew God had a plan for me and I trusted him.

Florida is so different from New York. I can go out with friends because it’s much more safe and I go out and do different things with my family. Living here I’ve learned many things like God puts certain people in your life temporarily so that you can learn and grow, I’m in the process of finding myself but i’m so grateful that i have my best friends and my family to help keep me focused so I don’t forget or change who I really am.

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