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Normal Life

By Harvey P.  |   From : West Palm Beach, Florida  |   School : Royal Palm Beach High School

In life to have a better future sometimes you need to move and you have to see that you need to advance – That is why I came here to Florida – It was awesome but after some time I started thinking and remembering – Some days can have good moments and bad too. For me, life is win or die because you never know when you can make something awesome or lose everything that you love.
My first days in school were a little hard because of the language barriers. Sometimes it was hard to speak with other people because of the language and my shyness. Most of the time, I needed help and I tried my best to learn English because it can be important and life can be hard if I can’t speak it. One time I was so nervous when I tried to speak English to one person during lunch. I asked him or tried to ask if we had homework, but my voice was so low that he never understood what I said. I was embarrassed.

After almost a year, I have a home and I know more English. I try to speak English with one friend, Helen. I met her in math class during ninth grade. She helped me a lot with math and I had to communicate in English. I helped her in her Spanish and others help her too. I told myself to practice. I tried my best in studies but it is hard because I distract myself easily and my imagination is  constantly distractive. Too much!

Now I am in tenth grade. I have some difficulties when I speak English and I continue to try to be successful. I like drawing class, and Marine science is a little hard. But at the same time, I can learn something about drawing and something about the ocean and its creatures too! It is funny to me sometimes how teachers do things in a different way. I am a little alarmed with presentations and other things at school – But at the end of the day, I know that at home, I feel good about myself and successful at school. Tomorrow is another day, the day finishes and I can start another one.

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