It’s not just names that are mispronounced

By William Phie  |   From : East Boston, MA,USA  |   School : Mario Umana Acadamy

My name is William Phie. Try pronouncing my last name; 3 out of 5 people will probably say it wrong. My parents come from Indonesia, and they have taught me to be proud of it. I was proud of it, but other kids saw it as different. I think that they didn’t really like it. I had tried to introduce it to everyone and all (I think all) of them were fine with it, although they found it odd. I didn’t have a lot of friends, only 1 (my best friend) from 1st to 3rd grade. We’ll call him Malcolm. Malcolm was quiet and liked to draw. That was basically the only friend I’ve ever had, because after that, I changed schools.

I never made another friend after that, because a lot of the kids thought I was weird because I took way more complicated ways to do things. There were many incidents during these years. Looking back I was a real crybaby and saw everything as unfair, and I was kind of spoiled (to a degree- not so spoiled that I got everything I wanted, but I got most of the things I wanted). Some incidents include: stealing a $100 bill (I gave it back), and changing a costume in a closet (in school-don’t ask please). Also, I hated doing homework. I had gone to Disneyland and did a bunch of fun stuff, but life was still hard. 6th grade was a rough time in my life because of stuff involving my parents and school. In 7th grade, I matured more and I took insults and stuff I thought was unfair with ease. I still kind of have a bad temper for losing though. Also, I made some dumb mistakes, like microwaving my phone!

I am Lucky to have things others don’t though, like playing hockey (I’ve played it since I was 6 years old), going on vacations like Disneyland in Orlando, visiting my family (cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmother and fathers, etc.) in Indonesia. I have a big sister who is always there for me, and a mom who loves me and always tries to do what’s best for me, and helps me in any way (even if I argue with her once in awhile). I have many opportunities to do things and I’m so grateful for it.


This was my life (age 13)










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