Nothing is impossible

By Suleyvi Cardona  |   From : Guatemala  |   School : Lawrence High School

Nothing Is Impossible

In my future I want to help children with Down Syndrome.This is very important to me because they need our help and they are good people. Another reason why I want to help them is because they have been discriminated against for no other reason except that they have Down Syndrome.

In my opinion we are the same. This means that we are humans and we have the right to speak out.This inspires me because i have one cousin with Down Syndrome but in Guatemala this people do not have the opportunity for study. This is bad for me because they need education so that their brains develops implementing more.

I don’t know why people discriminate against these people if they are nice person.They have different face but this does not means that they are different from us and they need our respect. Another goal is Psychologist because many people have problems and i like help people because many young people want to die. This means that in the life are many reason to live and they need understand that the life is very beautiful because we have all parts of our body. This means that in this world are many people that they do not have body parts an example an arm but they continue to struggle for a better life and never give up an they have goals too. This are some examples to continue.

I want to be actress. This is important to me because i like to perform. I want to be very famous and I want to be an actress in television.

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  • orlin

    November 20th, 2017 at 4:52 pm

    wow, this story has inspired me to keep on helping people, because I am just like you. I don´t like when people laugh at other people who have difficulties with their bodies.

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