Now, I know where I stand

By Andrea  |   From : Romania  |   School : College Jean Perrin

I was born on September 22nd 2003 in Ivry. I stayed in France until I was 5 and then, I went to Romania with my mother and my brother because my grandmother was sick. My father stayed in France during those years, so I saw him quite rarely. We stayed there for 3 years. We came back to France when my grandmother didn’t have any health problems anymore. Now, I’ve been living in Vitry for 5 years. When I returned to France, I was happy but I was sad too. I was happy because I could see my father much more often but I was sad and scared that my mother would fall ill again and that this time, she wouldn’t make it. Still today I have this fear deep inside me. When I came back I did not feel at home because I could not speak French well. I didn’t really feel at my place, but the time passed and now, I know where I stand.


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