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Oh! Haiti

By Louidna  |   From : Belle Glade (Florida)  |   School : Glades Central High School

                                       Oh! Haiti

                                             Long ago when you said Haiti,

                                                Everyone saw a paradise,

                                        Then the men in suits came like bandits,

                                                 They politically occupied,

                                                    The eagle is watching.

                                                         Oh! Haiti……..

                                       Yes, Haitian flag, you are bicolor blue and red,

                            Long Haiti had patriots; now Haiti has deep pockets.

                     President, Senator, And Deputy:  What we are doing for the country.

                                          Oh! Haiti, your child believed in thee

                                               Oh children, after you leave

                                                         What takes over?

                                                           Oh! Haiti……

                                        All we are saying for Haiti long shall we say

                                                  I dream of seeing a new Haiti

                                       I dream of a new Haiti walking tourists visiting.

                                                          Haiti is my pride.

                                        Oh Haiti………

                                                          Haiti you are beautiful

                                                   Oh! Haiti my beautiful country

                                                    Oh! Haiti Pearl of the Antilles

                                                 Oh! Haiti mother of the Caribbean.

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