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Ohh dear earthquake, ride in HELL

By Divinah Polynice  |   From : Bloomfield, NJ  |   School : Bloomfield High School

Goo-Do Goo-Do

Goo-do goo-do the ground says

Goo-do goo-do my heart is beating .

Goo-do goo-do ? what’s Goo-do goo-do we ask .


Goo-do goo-do is the sound the ground makes when its shacking

The ground is shaking

The buildings crumble with our hearts

In a blink of an eye its all over

Millions of loses thousands and hundred – thousands of deaths

Goo-do goo-do we are now homeless

not hopeless

Goo-do goo-do ……….

Goo-do goo-do ……

Goo-do goo-do i ask my self was this all necessary ?

Goo-do goo-do we are on the streets with fear and prayers for no more.

ohhh I hate you .

But after all

we will rise up and show you

we are still a nation

Ohh dear earthquake ride in HELL .


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