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Once the Mango Drops

By Caleb Raymond  |   From : Haiti  |   School : Bloomfield High School

I am from a village surrounded

By mango trees

Every summer

People in the village eat a lot of mango.

Kids take rocks and throw them on the mango

Once the mango drops we sit under the tree and eat it.

Juice drops out of our mouths

We use our shirt to clean it


Where i’m from where there are a lot of beaches

When you sit on the side of those beaches

And the sun pops up on your face

You feel


Kids are playing on the sand.

We take “canot” when we are in the water.

The water is blue and salty.


Where i’m from we drink “dlo cocoe”

To give us power.

Young boy climb on the tree to get to “cocoe”.

We take “manchet” to cut them and then we drink it.

After you drink it you feel good.


Where I’m from we eat tomtom.

Our ancestors used to eat this food

“Les negres marron”.

Dessaline Petion the soldier that gave us our independence.


Where i’m from soccer is our passion.

When two teams are playing people bet on them.

They give them motivation to play

They encourage them to score.

When they lose they get angry at the team

When they win, they are happy

There’s joy, there’s happiness, on their faces.





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