One day my mom said we’re going to the united states.

By Cecilia   |   From : Honduras  |   School : Palm Beach Central High School

One day my mom said we’re going to the united states.

She asked me first if I wanted to come, and I said yes, I came with my mom my little sister.My mama prepared the trip in three days we came ilegales the day I left Honduras was very sad for me because I left part of my family. My trip was hard 8 days those 8 days were the worst because only menia in buses in the night we stopped at hotels. We gave ourselves to migration we were there three. Those three days I did not eat because the food was a raw and frozen mortadella with bread and I do not like mortadella.Then they called my dad to put the money in the tickets. After a two-day trip here, and finally I was able to see the potato. But on the one hand I was happy because I was finally with my parents and my sisters, but on the other hand I was sad because I had left my granparents and some uncles and cousins in Honduras. After a month of being here between school, it was difficult for me because I did not know any English and did not know anyone in school. But for a week I made friends. And I got accustomed little by little to be here.


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