One day you will see my name again when I am a mangaka.

By Ali  |   From : Saint-Denis France  |   School : Suger High School

Hi, my name is Ali and I’m 18 years old, I have lived, ever since I was born, in Saint-Denis. I’m a Kurdish boy.

My parents grew up in Turkey (because in Kurdistan there was a war and we were persecuted by the Turkish people), they came to France to earn money and because living conditions in Turkey were not fair at the time, it’s still not fair for my people today because we are considered as a minority. Today the president of Turkey is Recep Tayyip Erdogan, he is a dumb and racist politician who kills Kurdish people. So the situation in France was better, and also better for my parents and for my family here.

Saint-Denis is a community which reunites the members of all communities. They can be African, Algerian, Moroccan, Indian … So this is a melting-pot of the world. Of course, there is racism here, there is racism everywhere and there will be racism anywhere you go and there will always be because it’s just like that, I can’t change all mentalities, you can’t change all mentalities and nobody can change all mentalities because we have been living like that since the world was born. Maybe before, a long time ago, we were a community but it’s not the case anymore.

I would like to say that I am lucky to have the life that I have. This is my mother who reminded this to me : I have a house, I have food, I have hot water, and the most important thing… I’m healthy. But the most beautiful thing, according to me, is that I have a wonderful family.

So I grew up in Stains which is my city, this is inside of Île-de-France, I didn’t had an exciting life, in middle school I was always in my home, I never went outside, always in front of my computer. I was playing video games all the time. I was cut off from real world. But something that I love more than video games is mangas. I have been watching anime and mangas since I’m a little kid. I started with Naruto, and this is the manga which influenced me the most : the values of perseverance, bravery, never giving up. And since that day I know that I want to be a mangaka. This is a selective job, yeah I can fail, I have more chance to fail than to succeed. I know that, and this is why sometimes I’m saying that I must think of some other job, but I can’t, this is the only job that I want to do in my future.

So it is a bit of myself, I didn’t say a lot of things about myself, but like I said I haven’t had an exciting life. I thank you for reading my story and yeah… One day you will see my name again when I am a mangaka.



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