Our collective poem

By Seconde 4  |   From : Béziers  |   School : Lycée Jean Moulin

I am from diversity

Soy de la diversidad

I am from the region of good weather and tasty food

I come from the “wine country”

Venía del país de la paella

I am from a country with a lot of shops

I am from a little island next to America

I am from the desert

Vengo de un país en Africa

I am from the centre of France where I saw cold and rain

I am from a family with many children

I am from del vientre de mi madre, de una gran familia

I am from France where before, there wasn’t as many immigrants as today

I am from libertad, igualdad, fraternidad

Here we see a lot of origins and different cultures

Aquí vemos a mucha gente inmigrante from countries diferentes

Here we see muchos alumnos

Here we see yellow vests

Here we see un pueblo que está harto

Here we see little cities

Here we see the sun and good weather

Here we see lots of beaches

Aquí vemos guapas playas

We want no discrimination and no racism

Queremos la igualdad y no la discriminación

We want la igualdad entre todos

We want respect and equality

We want a clean world

We want no more pollution

We want no discrimination and no racism

We want la paz en el mundo, fuera las guerras.

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